Featuring 'The Song of The Skylark'.

The tracks which are included: Land Of Gold, featuring the wonderful Gaelic singer Kathleen MacInnes, about a girl who left the Hebrides to seek her fortune in Canada’s Yukon Valley; If Wishes Were Fishes, an Eric Bogle song loved by Ian Green’s wife June Green, to whom Duncan has dedicated the song; The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, the stunning love song written by Ewan MacCollThe Pioneers, a song inspired by the story of Bashir Ahmad, Scotland’s first Asian MSP; My Eldorado, a lament for a life unfulfilled and full of regrets; Matt McGinn’s classic Magic Shadow ShowResurrection Road (aka A Clydeside Carol), with a featured vocal by the legendary singer-songwriter Rab NoakesMy Old Man, Ewan MacColl’s poignant observation of the effects of advancing technology on the lives of craftsmen and their families; The Song of The Skylark, an amazing account of one of the ‘brave little ships’, which alone saved 660 souls from the Dunkirk beaches; The Surf and The Silver Fishes, a song inspired by the loss of the Carradale trawler Antares which was sunk in a tragic incident off Arran in 1990. This is a brand-new version featuring just Duncan, plus Chris Stout’s wonderful piano arrangement; plus more tracks.

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Duncan McCrone - Land of Gold

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